What can SRM do?

SRM has the best and most accurate timing available in any freeware program. Since it runs on a DOS machine, there are no distractions caused by the Windows operating system. This means that the PC running SRM is only timing your race results, it's doing nothing else!

Practise Mode
First of all, there is the possibility to run in practise mode. This mode runs until you manually end it, allowing you to tune a car, go for a best lap time or just race a while, logging your results. After each session, you can store lap times and race times for future reference in SRM's database. These times are linked to the specific driver, car and track.

Single Race
This mode allows a race for a preset number of laps or amount of minutes. After each race, you can store lap times and race times for future reference in SRM's database. If you want to race multiple heats collecting points, time or laps, you can then rotate lanes according to your own preset system, taking accumulated laps or points with you, if you wish. The setup screen always shows the current standings from completed races (until you manually reset them).

Championship Mode
If you have more contestants than lanes on your track, want to set up a small competition or just want to add an extra gaming element to the slot racing game, you can set up a championship. This consists of one or more rounds, each round consisting of several heats. Up to 36 racers can join, which will be racing according to the lane rotation system. A selectable qualification session will make sure that racers with equal strength compete against each other.
The championship is stored on disk, so you can take as long as you like to complete it, using the Save & Resume option. All drivers and cars will be selected from the SRM database, so all best times will be stored if you like. At all times you can (pre-)view the heats raced or the heats to come, skipping heats in the process if you like.
There are five different modes you can use to set up a championship:

1. LANE ROTATION LAP COLLECTION: all rounded laps are accumulated,
2. LANE ROTATION POINT COLLECTION: point are accumulated, higher finishing order will get you more points,
3. LANE ROTATION FASTLAPS COLLECTION: fastest lap of each heat is accumulated, fastest total amount of time will rank highest,
4. ROUND ROBIN: (2 lanes only, max. 20 contestants) every contestant races against every opponent on both lanes,
5. LANE ROTATION TIME COLLECTION: after each heat, total amount of time to complete a number of laps is stored.

Each different system will offer you other thrills and will ask other skills!

What can SlotRace Manager store?
Besides timing your races, SRM can store an unlimited number of cars, drivers and tracks with all relevant info for these items. Of course SRM can also store achieved times (lap- and race-), which of course is linked to your cars, drivers and tracks.

This is the data you can store with SRM:

On all slot cars:
Car specification: Car code, description, color, slot car chassis, slot car motor, slot car manufacturer, class, owner and extensive notes (memo file).
Purchase info: where you bought it, date and price.
Car achievements: fastest lap times, fastest race times, odometer and speed trap top speed.
Car maintenance & modification history.

On all drivers:
Initials/code (for fast entry of race results), name and extensive notes (memo file).
Fastest lap times and race times.

On all tracks:
Track code, length, number of lanes, owner, date built and extensive notes (memo file).
Fastest lap times and race times, top best cars, top best drivers.

Of course this data is free to use as you please, the program will not force you to enter any info you do not need or want.

Some of the other features
- a slot car classification system that you can fill in for yourself,
- a possibility to filter slot cars by owner, class or just one car,
- you can print or export all kinds of reports,
...and there is more!

This is the screen with the lap times on your favorite track

The best cars on the same track. You can see that 50 lines of text is also supported!