SRM Track Pictures

Please e-mail me your track pictures, preferrably with SRM running somewhere in the background and I will try to put the nicest pictures up here. I'm very curious to see all your tracks out there!

Bruce Woods, Waikiki (Australia)

Here are a couple of photos of “CLAYTON MOTORPLEX” named after my Grandson Clay. I thought you may like to add them to the SRM Web Site. The “Motorplex” bit is from the Kwinana Motorplex Speedway here in Western Australia. I have yet to construct the “Traffic Lights” that your software through my digital hardware control. Once I have I will include additional photos for you.


Drag Strip Slot Racing (Friesland, The Netherlands)

Dave Thomas, Michigan (USA)

This track is 67' long an features 3 lanes with a 45 degree banked turn. The track was built in 1980 and was re-braided with magnetic braid in November of 2008. This track featured on the cover of Scale Auto Racing News in July of 1998.

West Australian Slot Car Racing Group: Syd's Track

Syd’s 23m, four lane routed track (which he constructed himself) boasts computer timing, ferrodore surface, tinned copper braid and elliptical routing.

Dave "Pepsikid" Klein's tracks

Dave's first and second Pepsi Challenge tracks.

Kentucky Student Technology Leadership Program

by Paul Shoemaker
"This past year, Spring 2009, I participated in an event with the Kentucky “Student Technology Leadership Program”. This is a program that allows students to explore scientific technology in a variety of fields that may one day lead them to their career choices. Computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, graphic arts, audio/video and web design are just a fraction of what these students learn, build and demonstrate. There are regional events throughout the state and then we have a state championship competition, where all participants gather in Lexington’s Rupp Arena to show off their knowledge and skills. Students in Region 6 (South Central Kentucky) were waiting their turn to learn about the science involved in slot car racing and their chance to take a few laps around the track! Slot Race Manager 2 was used to time everybody's efforts."

"These are pictures of the SRM system running drag races at the Kentucky Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) State Championships this past May, 2010. The students are from across the state. This year they built and decorated their own cars to compete with each other. The SRM timing system was triggered by a photocell and LED lights and we used an old Compaq laptop to run the software. We captured the elapsed time with the winners having the lowest time captured. The Xmas tree was operated from the countdown program in SRM. Your program made racing even more exciting when the kids could see their times posted on the big screen at the end of the drag strip."

Corvette Speedway (Sprundel, The Netherlands)

by Mario van Ginneken

"On April of 2008, I decided to tear down my failed Corvette Raceway track and design a new one, this time completely made out of wood (MDF). Since my old Carrera Universal track did not have magnets, I wasn't a big fan of magnetised racing. That is the main reason I chose copper tape over steel breads."

Ron's track

"Hello again Mario,
Some photos of my track and a few of my cars. As you can see I still have to finish the infield. Looking forward to getting your race program up and running. Please let me know what you think of it."