Screen shots

Main menu

Here you can see all options you can choose on the left. The right side shows info on your currently selected track and your drivers, slot cars and tracks database. The red warning is for inaccurate timing setup, which is needed to run SRM on Windows (for taking these screen shots).

Setting up your Single Race

This is the screen you get before every race. You can choose the Race Type (laps, time, practise) and the amount of time or laps. You can also choose when the race ends: when all contestants complete the goal, or just the winner. In the bottom half of the screen, you can see the contestants and their accumulated points or time. This way, you can set up a simple manual championship.

Timing screen 2 lanes

The 2 lane timing screen shows large numbers so your info can be seen from far. Here is chosen for black background and coloured text (you can select that in SRM). The calculated speed is the average speed if you have only 1 sensor per lane. You can also add a second sensor per lane (e.g. at the end of your straight) and this way, you can calculate speed on that part of your track (e.g. top speed on the straight).

Same screen as above, but now with coloured background and coloured text. The green square is a Windows irregularity, since Windows DOS boxes do not show blinking text. The square normally shows a flashing "LEADER" announcement.

Timing screen 4 lanes

The 4 lane timing screen now also shows more info. Shown is the coloured background and coloured text. All timing screens show all current laprecords per driver and car for this track, so you can always see what they must beat. This info is pulled from the database SRM has.

Timing screen 8 lanes

In this example, not all lanes are active (since I only have 5 sensors in my testing setup). Shown is the setup with coloured background and white text.

Laptimes: best cars

This Time Data screen shows the top cars on this track for lap times. You can also choose this screen for a preset amount of laps, e.g. for 10 laps. This screen can then show the top cars on this track for total times on 10 laps (you can adjust the amount of laps yourself or create more Race Lengths).

Laptimes: best times

Here you can see the top times on this track for lap times (Time Data).

Laptimes: best drivers

Actually the most important Time Data screen: this one shows best drivers on this track for lap times. This screen can also show best times for races, say for 10 laps or 25 laps.

Drivers Data

You can select any driver from SRM’s database and review his/her Time Data on the current track. You can also see with which car these times were realised.

Slotcars Data: times

For all cars in SRM’s database, you can review their times on the current track. The top section of the screen shows all important data on the car, even the shop you bought it and for what price (if you want this info). SRM keeps track of all driven races and accumulates this in the car’s odometer.

Slotcars Data: history

In this screen you can keep track of all changes you made to this car: repairs, updates, etc.

Tracks Data

This screen holds all information about the current track. You can also choose another track here (if you have multiple tracks in your SRM).

Parallel port information

Over here, you can setup all external hardware connected to your parallel port: timing sensors, track power relais, light tree and lane attention signals.

Championship Mode: main screen

This is the main screen of a (running) championship. On the top, you can see the type of championship (Lane rotation, Time collect), on what track it is driven, what the current status is and how many heats are completed. In the lower part of the screen you can find all contestants, in order of ranking. The advantage of a championship over a single race is that there can be more contestants as there are lanes. You can also save a championship and continue it on a later date, or even spread it out over multiple racing sessions.

Championship Mode: report

This is the report which is created after the championship is completed. It is saved as a text (TXT) file, so it can be exported to any computer or printed on any type of printer.

Printing or exporting

What use is having lots of info if you can’t share it? With this menu, you can print or export all kinds of info from your SRM database.

Settings menu

All main settings are controlled here.

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