What computer and operating system do I need?

SlotRace Manager 2 is an MS-DOS program and will run on every DOS-machine, as old as you can find them. That's also the main reason I wrote it in a DOS-environment: because a lot of people will use a simple (old) machine next to their track(s).

However: the Timing Software will only work accurate on a true DOS based machine (or a compatible clone DOS), because Windows will not allow the software to speed up the internal clock! If you still want to use SRM on a Windows98/ME machine, you must boot up this machine with a DOS floppy, or make a small DOS partition with some kind of partition manager.

Minimum hardware recommendation is a Pentium 1 on 100Mhz with 650KB internal memory and a small hard disk. SRM will need up to 500kb of memory to run.

If you can't find MS-DOS, you can also use the freely available FreeDOS. SRM will also work on this.