Active development halted.

On one of the last days of this year I'm announcing the end of active SRM development.

It's with a sad heart that I have to admit that developing this software has become to hard for me. Programming in these ancient languages (Clipper and Quickbasic) is really hard if you're also developing in more modern languages like RealStudio. Each time I started working on a new update, after months of not working on SRM, it took me longer and longer to get used to doing stuff the old way.

SRM is also losing ground to other slot racing systems out there. The younger generation of slot racers want to go digital or they want to use flashy software with a graphical interface running on a Windows computer. The advantages of SRM (the best one being it's very high accuracy in timing) are getting in the back ground: people want a nice interface and racing sounds when they pass the finish.

That does not mean that SRM will disappear! This site will remain active for people to download SRM. Unfortunately, my forum hosting provider ended the forum without me warning about it, so this site will have to do without a forum from now on. But I will still try to help people that are using SRM by replying on their e-mails.

Have fun in the slots and hope you're still enjoying SRM!
Mario van Ginneken

SRM 2.53: small update

Version 2.53 is a small update with mostly optical improvements and a couple of bug fixes. These are the changes:

- Track Power now also switchable per lane, allowing collection of cars at the finish after a race (depending on the type of race you choose).
- Now you can go straight from the Slot Car Data screen (containing best times per car) to the Race screen to try and attack your best times for that particular car.
- New Timing Screens show more info and better looking digits, now three different sizes for better visibility.
- In Settings, "Delete non-best times" is now gone, all times are now kept automatically.
- In Settings, "Show on Timing Screen" is now gone, all info is now shown always (you do not have to choose anymore).
- New timing sensor Set Up routine, because the old one had a bug that prevented selection of a second parallel port.

For people that have updated: it's necessary to set up your relays / OUTPUT pin settings again, since they have been shifted after updating from v2.52!

SRM v2.53 can now be downloaded here!

New SRM Track Pictures section

The SRM website now has a new Track Pictures section, where people can show their SRM timed tracks. Please send me your photo's and I will put them up there!

New support forum!

As of today we have a new Support Forum! Unfortunately, the old one was hacked and beyond repair, so I now used a free forum site to host a new support forum since some people asked for it. You can visit it by clicking on "Support forum" in the links.

SRM 2.52 has a bug in the parallel port setup

A couple of users reported that the parallel port setup did not work correctly and they are right. I completely rewrote that code for the 2.52 version, but in doing that I introduced some bugs which become visible when you are using a non-standard setup. It seems that inverted pins (pin 11) get read faulty, which results in an error "Sensor is blocked, restarting timing" when starting the timing in SRM. The same problem occurs when you don't have your timing hardware hooked up to parallel port #1 (LPT1). Since SRM2 is famed for working with ALL sorts of parallel ports setups and with all pins on the parallel port, I will fix this.

I am now in the process of rewriting again, but you can fix the problem temporarily by using the program TIMESET.EXE from an older version of SRM (preferrably previous versions 2.42 or 2.50).

Sorry for the inconvenience!