What is SlotRace Manager?
SRM is a powerful piece of software for the slot racer and it's totally free! Containing over 10 years of development, it will let you time single races or extensive championships on tracks with 1 to 8 lanes and with up to 36 contestants. SRM does this with real 0,001 second accuracy and with cheap hardware! SRM also keeps record of all your slot cars, collected lap times & heat times, track data, driver data, driver times and more, and it can export or print reports of this data. If you like lights & stuff: SRM can switch track power and a light tree. Of course this is all put in a user friendly program and it will run on any good old MS-DOS machine you can salvage!

Timing Your Races & Championships
SRM will let you time your races, practices and championships with real 0,001 second accuracy using Reed switches, photosensors, photo-resistors, IR sensors, dead strips, or magnetic sensors, connected to one or more parallel ports. All parallel port systems that give a 'pulse' when a car passes (no data stream) are supported. SRM can time multiple tracks with up to 8 lanes per track. Per lane, you can define a maximum of 3 sensors that SRM uses for interval times and speed calculations.

Controlling Power & Lights
SRM can complete the action of your slot races by controlling external lights or sound devices:
- track power: automatic on/off switching or using a Track Call function with the keyboard or an external button(s),
- Starting Light Tree: count down at start,
External steering is freely definable through 3 parallel ports.

Lap and Heat Time Database
All your lap and heat times can be stored and are sorted per driver, car and track. This allows you to review or print it in numerous different ways for years to come as your database grows with results.

Slot car Database
SRM allows you to manage all your slot cars with ease! Store extensive data on each car, view it's best lap times on each different track you might have, total race times for preselected amounts of laps on these tracks, maintenance and repairs history, etc. Of course you don't have to type in your race results, they can be imported right out of the timing software!

Driver Database
All drivers can be stored with extensive data. Racing achievements (lap records and race times) will be linked to these drivers, also with info on slot car, date, etc.

Track Database
SRM can store an unlimited number of tracks: your home track(s), club tracks, your friends' track or your previous tracks. All lap- and race achievements are stored per track with info on driver and slot car.

Championship Mode
Allows you to setup an extensive challenge for up to 36 contestants with Save & Resume option. There are five different Championship Modes based on the Round Robin system or the Lane Rotation system, using a Points or Time Ranking list. Great fun if your racing with a large group!

Printing & Exporting data
SRM can print and export text files with data on your slot cars, times and championships you've raced.

And there's more...
All these exciting features make SlotRace Manager really all you need to get a grip on your slot race hobby, for the home racer and the club scene! SRM is written in MS-DOS, so it can function on a simple (old) pc (minimum 80386 100mhz). This way, you can salvage a cheap pc somewhere and use it as a dedicated Slot Race pc!

Other programs have 3 digits behind the decimal point too...
That may be the case, but did you ever experience the problem of getting a lot of repeating lap times, although your timing software shows it's results in 0,001 seconds? Can you imagine how small the possibility must be to get two identical lap times when measuring in 0,001 seconds? Still, a lot of programs come up with a multitude of repeating lap times!

The problem with most timing software is that it uses the internal clock. This clock is updated only 18.2 times every second, no matter how fast your PC is. A small calculation will tell you that this will not allow you to measure your lap times more accurate than 1 / 18,2 = 0,055 seconds!

SRM solves this problem by speeding up the system's software clock, up to 600 times. The clock's update frequency will go up from 18,2 to a maximum of 600 x 18,2 = 10920 measurements per second! This allows SRM to measure with 0,0001 seconds (yes, 4 digits!) accuracy. Of course this is not needed for the slot racetrack, so all times are recorded in 1/1000 seconds. The difference with many other programs is that the times shown are actual times and not just an estimation!

Besides that: SRM supports all parallel port setups: light sensitive sensors, dead strips, switches so every parallel port setup you come across should work with SRM. SRM also supports up to 3 parallel ports, so more tracks can be timed without the need to switch connectors.

The picture above is taken on a machine running 8 lane timing. Because I had to do the screen capturing from Windows, timing is unaccurate, resulting in the same laptimes on lane 1 and 8.

Why freeware?
I can imagine you must think it's strange to give you this program for free? Well, I started programming it for my own use at first, but after a while it got out of hand and I started thinking about putting it up for download to let others to enjoy it too. Why charge for something that's already there? Besides that: I program for fun, so... There is only one thing I want to ask you: please try to spread the program, by internet, floppy, on meetings, club nights, etc. Let as much people as possible use this program and have fun with it!