Can't find MS-DOS? Use FreeDOS!

More and more people report that they have found a PC, but they can't find MS-DOS to install on it. Don't worry, you can also use FreeDOS. Click here to go to the FreeDOS website.

Regular Championship? Make a Template!

Do you race regular Championships with (more or less) the same contestants? Then make a Template file and save yourself a lot of typing in driver names and cars!

Read up to 9 lanes with 1 printerport!

Up to now, SRM was only capable of reading 5 lanes through 1 parallel port. More lanes required a second printerport. Most of you did not care about this, because few users have more than 4 lanes, but sometimes it can be handy!

The next version of SRM will support more than 5 lanes with one port, theoretically up to 9 lanes! You might try it with version 2.50: this version also supports this feature (not officially, but it should work).

Building a Light Tree

Thanks to Dave "Pepsikid" Klein, here is a very comprehensive manual to build your own Timing Tree. He carefully documented his own building process with pictures and text, so you can all enjoy this extra SRM functionality!

Click here to download the Powerpoint Presentation file.

Running SRM on a Windows machine using a Boot selector

To fully utilize SRM on a Windows machine, you can install a boot selector with a second partition that contains MS-DOS and SRM. When you switch on your computer, you can select Windows or MS-DOS to boot.