Download SRM

All files are DOS compatible ZIP-files, checked for viruses. A few people reported that the zipfile can't be unzipped with older versions of DOS PKZIP, you need at least version 2 of PKUNZIP, which you can also download below. The ZIP file is less than half an Mb, so it shouldn't take long to download. If you can't get the file over there within a couple of minutes, please email me and I will forward the file to your reply-address!

To install Slot Race Manager (in this example I presume C: is your hard drive letter):

1. Always make a new directory for in SRM, even if you're updating from a previous version. Type ENTER after each line. Type:
CD \ (this brings you back to the root directory c:\)
MD SRM253 (or replace by the version you have downloaded)
CD SRM253 (change to the directory you just created)

2. Copy the downloaded ZIP-file into this directory. E.g. if the file is on a diskette:

3. If you do not have a DOS version of PKUNZIP, download it (see link below) and also copy PKUNZIP.EXE in this directory. Many people have reported errors when using WinZIP, so I recommend you do NOT use WinZIP.
Change directory to the new directory (CD \SRM253) and then issue this command:
PKUNZIP SRM253 (this will extract the files)

4. After all files are extracted, you can run SRM by typing:

5. Now follow the manual with the program (file MANUAL.HLP is a normal textfile) or follow the start up tips of the program itself.

Here are the downloadable files:

Latest version 2.53 of Slot Race Manager.
Previous version 2.52 of Slot Race Manager.
DOS version of the UNZIP program, needed to unzip the SRM ZIP file with. It might not work with the Windows version WinZIP.
Program to browse and edit SRM database files.