* Integrated Timing Software with real 1/1000 second accuracy, supporting up to 8 lane tracks!

* Extensive management of all realised lap- and racetimes with viewing, searching, printing and exporting of data!

* Fully user definable parallel port interface, allowing the use of all pins
and different types of detection: LDR, photo sensor, dead strip, switches, etc.!

* Multiple Track Timing, allowing connection of more than one track without switching connectors!

* Championship Mode (next to Single Race), allowing setup of five different competition types between up to 36 contestants!

* Extensive Car Database: description, color, odometer, motor, maintenance history, memofile, laptimes, racetimes, etc.!

* Driver Database: name, memofile, laptimes, racetimes, etc.!

* Track Database: name, memofile, length, lane colors, port addresses for timing hardware, laptimes, racetimes, etc.!

...and much more!

Sounds good? Check out SlotRace Manager then!