Who am I?

BryceCanyonCenobyte is a nickname I use since 1992, when I first entered the wonderful world of Internet. My real name is Mario van Ginneken, I was born in 1970 and I live in The Netherlands (near Breda) together with my wife Marion and our two cats Noeky and Nacho. During a working day, you can find me at my company: Comatherm BV.

Since I like the USA a lot, I also love one of it's greatest icons: the all American Corvette. Besides Corvettes, I also spend a lot of time on my Mac computer, on my pinball machines and on my arcade cabinets, playing old games like Pac Man, Galaga and Time Pilot. My Game Room has some nice toys representing all these hobby's: from pinball machines to arcade cabinets, from small Corvettes on my wooden slot track to three old Amiga computers.

So slot racing is also something I like to do very much. After playing around with several Scalextric layouts, I now have created my own track with wood! Working on Slot Race Manager and visiting the Slotrace forum is part of this hobby. Check out the Slot Racing link for more info.

Another passion is target shooting. My father and I started it together and at this moment we have a nice collection of firearms to use on the target range of our club, De Koningsschutters. I love it since you can relieve some stress with it and try to improve your aim at the same time. Since we have several different firearms, it's different every time we go to the range.

Besides all that, I also love to collect and listen to music or watch a good (scifi, action, horror or comedy) movie or an episode of one of the many series I follow. As you can see: way too many hobby's!

Please enjoy my website and e-mail me if you have comments.